Our Leadership Team

Kaia Kallweit, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Kaia Kallweit is a Maine native living in Portland for the past 23 years. Kaia has been immersed in the recruiting industry for 14 years, beginning in 1999 with a small IT company and then moving on to https://samoletplus.ru/ a large firm, Office Team (a division of Robert Half International). Kaia quickly realized the benefits of stepping away from the corporate world for herself and her clients, and in July 2002 expanded her horizons as an independent recruiter focusing on hospitals and healthcare organizations in New England. Her base in the Northeast is deep, but easily broadens to encompass job placements throughout the US.  Kaia is in the final stages of completing her Bachelor's in Communication at the University of Southern Maine.

Contact Kaia Kallweit at,
(207) 807-1102

Joseph L. Trafton, Co-Founder

Joseph Trafton relocated back to Maine in 2011 after having spent 18 years traveling throughout the United States and overseas. He earned a Masters Degree in International Politics from the University of Denver and went on to teach international politics, US Foreign Policy and a course International Organizations as a visiting professor at the University of Rhode Island. Joseph's experience recruiting really began when he took a job as an ESL instructor at The American School in Switzerland (TASIS), a private school in Southern Switzerland. In addition to his duties as an English teacher, Joseph helped fill a critically important music instructor position at the last minute capable of teaching the entire summer school's musical repertoire to middle-school children in multiple languages. Despite the obstacles germane to conducting an international search, Joseph's effort also helped result in the expansion of a satellite school in Germany. In Maine, Joseph Trafton worked for Senator Susan Collins and in addition to daily case work he was responsible for staffing needs at her Augusta office. Two years ago, Joseph began doing contract work for small recruitment firms in Maine who specialize predominantly in health care. This culminated in the recent launch of ProConnect a Portland-based recruitment firm. With an eclectic blend of past work experiences, Joseph has fine-tuned two characteristics that contribute to making ProConnect the best at what it offers; a keen eye for specialized talent, and a vast network of professionals and clients bridging a diversity of social and professional circles. 

Contact Joseph Trafton at,
(207) 274-9493
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