How to find a good job?

Mankind has not yet reached the stage of development where people would be able to get rid of routine duties, shifting them to some robots, and engage in purely personal development. At the moment almost every adult is forced to look for a profession/specialty with decent working conditions and good wages, so as to be able to pay for housing, food, medicine, pay off loans, etc. And while some people find it easy, others face serious problems in finding trámite de tarjeta de crédito an ideal or at least acceptable job.

Just for such a category of readers is prepared this guide, which contains a lot of advice on how to find a good job, determining your potential in terms of salary. The topic of alternative solutions to the problem of unemployment for those who have not been able to find an official job or who want to change their profession at an already advanced age (after 30) is also raised, as well as conspiracies/prayers. The effectiveness of the latter is quite scientifically substantiated.

It is necessary to prioritize, to determine what is most important for you in your work. People's life situations are different. And everyone, of course, wants high salaries. But it happens that you can get it only on a less pleasant and nervous job, or with overtime. For young people, at the beginning of their careers, it's better to choose work in their specialty, even with a small salary and preferably in a large company, for the sake of professional growth and prestige. And if you start working in the final years of the institute, so that after graduation you already have experience, then you will have much broader prospects.

Even if you are a commuter and rent an apartment, do not chase any job with a lot of money, because then it will be harder to find a good job "to your liking" with experience in another area, and you will have to start from scratch, and even with less pay. Set yourself 3-4 main priorities, so they will be achievable, and the rest is as it happens. Possible priorities during the job search:

  • Remoteness from home (how convenient it is to get there);
  • The salary and its growth prospects;
  • A large, small company or a startup, and its popularity, if necessary;
  • Prospects for professional development;
  • Additional social package (VMI, meals, sports, etc.);
  • Work schedule;
  • Opportunity to take sick leave to care for a child;
  • Work in their specialty or not;
  • Comfortable workplace: cool or warm room, comfortable furniture, necessary programs;
  • What kind of manager would you like to work with (note for yourself);
  • Is the possibility of training at the company's expense important?
  • A new company or a stable company with many years of experience;
  • What kind of team (large, small, male or female).

And also think for yourself what you are willing to put up with, and what you are not going to put up with for any millions. It often happens that doing what they do not like and the need to interact with unsuitable team completely kill the joy of high wages. Such a person is in a state of stress, due to which his productivity is falling, there are conflicts in the workplace. And this is a direct road to a slowdown in career growth or even to dismissal on the grounds of professional incompatibility.

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